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Senin, 01 Mei 2017

IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT : Fresh Slaught Siamese Hyper Groovy Brutality !!!

IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT : Fresh Slaught Siamese Hyper Groovy Brutality !!!

Siamese Hyper Groovy Brutality, Bangkok Thailand IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT telah teken kontrak kerjasama dengan Permeated Records untuk Debut full albumnya nanti. materi Demo 2 track mereka sangat memukau lewat sajian Hyper Groovy Brutality, Insane Blastbeats and Inhuman vocals. Siamese Brutalism musisi Kolektif dari beberapa genre brutal sepakat membentuk konspirasi baru tahun 2013 dibawah nama IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT, catat nama vocalis Surachet Suntharasri (ex-Nameless Author), Saken (Guitar, A Good Day for Killing), Wit Klubvisat (Guitar,     Lacerate, Splattered Orgasm, ex-Villainous), Norathep (Bass, A Good Day for Killing, ex-Masochist) dan Drummer Sunyaluxx (Lacerate, Masochist, Zygoatsis, Surrender of Divinity), well, rasanya ga perlu diragukan sepak terjang pengalaman mereka membantai panggung dibeberapa band sebelumnya. untuk yang penasaran mendengar bagaimana konsep lagu yang mereka muntahkan, silahkan dengarkan materi demo keren mereka dibawah ini :

IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT - Skin by Hellucination

IMBRUED BLEMISHMENT - Atrociously Pulverized the Bones



Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

GOD ENSLAVEMENT Interview (Ludwigshafen, Germany)

GOD ENSLAVEMENT Interview (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
Amazing Surprized Seemingly encountered an Acherontic Old School Death-Grind, I really thought it would completely Destroy Everything, Hails ENSLAVEMENT GOD !!! I dont Believe, I really shocked by the year 2016 Amazed project from Germany in collaboration with musician USA Modern era is not Being extremely difficult, the technology is already available, skill already Mumpuni, and creates a masterpiece that will shake a lot of eyes. recently constituted and I sure many who do not know the name of God Enslavement, especially the subconscious elo still crammed with the names of the market that is increasingly boring. around 2015's, when guitarist Björn Köppler gather with other friends and blaze to start the Damned project. distance is not a big problem, but they are important for communication. featuring guitarist DEHA, his behavior was already recognized in many bands, Man Multitalent Bloody Belgium's original focus on guitar instrument in God Enslament, then Lead Guitarist Kevin Olasz (Aardvarks, Deadborn, Maladie, ex-Jack Slater, ex-Act of Worship, ex- Thornostrum) most Featured solos gorgeous it, then bassist Julian Roos whose name I know when to play at band Retaliation and many more, and two last names may have been very familiar for Musicians Metal International, Yupz, vocalist Vince Matthews (Criminal Element, ex-Sadistic Torment, ex-Biovore, ex-Covenance, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Mucus Membrane) and Drummer Energetic Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer, ex-Criminal Element, All Will Fall, Asthma Castle , Fulgora) into two latest members are baptized in the formation of Enslavement God Project. play concept more enjoy it called Acherontic Old School Death-Grind, God Enslavement will give a refreshing experience how to enjoy a dish that today might have been abandoned, check aja Color condensed Criminal Element, Misery Index, Dying Fetus (era "Stop At Nothing" ) and most of the band Death / Grind New York. whether My Mood being kebawa Feel strong character Vince Matthews and wild Drum Beats Adam Jarvis, so i like to hear new and refreshing form bands I Says earlier? Solo-dressing with a very nice melodic solos to give a refreshing therapy when Bombard Death / Grind Aggressive experiencing out of control. Damn! Debut full first laborious and time-consuming to do it until the mastering process by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio is promising Dream Come True for the debut full first released Independent via Digital Release and intercepted when on May 20, 2016, Bret Hard Records is ready to release back in its physical format.

Hello! No waste of good suffering is wanted, give us a penetrating introduction to GOD ENSLAVEMENT and don't hesitate to stuff it hard! It seems the musicians of GOD ENSLAVEMENT play or used to play in various other outfits before... Is the band supposed to be a new and totally fresh entity, or rather the continuation of another one that existed before?
Hey guys, GOD ENSLAVEMENT is a new band with some well-known people, yes. We all are still playing in other bands like Misery Index, Pig Destroyer, Criminal Element, Deadborn, Maladie and many more. After my other band Tombthroat split up last year, there was this album composed and lyrics written and I don't wanted to throw these songs away. So I was forced to search for good musicians to realize this album under the flag of a new name: GOD ENSLAVEMENT. Thus, it isn't that new but one more step on my musical way, fortunateley with such great and talented musicians by my side. I can't wait for starting to work on the second album, but first we have „Consuming the Divine“ which will be unleashed in less than two weeks...

Can't Wait for The New Album " Consuming The Divine ", Acherontic Old School Death-Grind - Pure madness with perfect, Unearthly production and There are a still lot of pieces of Blackend scattered throughout the album. Now tell us about the concept and story behind this masterpiece. The Cool story behind new " Consuming The Divine ". The story is cool and Imentioned several influences in my review. Let's talk about " Consuming The Divine ".
Thanks for your words, bro. Highly appreciated! Like all my lyrics, the lyrics on „Consuming the Divine“ are very methaphorical. This time in a way more direct way. The story behind is about the liberation from your god(s). Who or what ever they may be. Consume them to get a new and unknwon strenght for your very own spirit and use the absorbed power to become your own god by yourself. This is not only a concept of this album but one for the whole life of every human. Kill your gods to become your own god. In any way you might need. Or furthermore be a blind sheep amongst deaf sheeps and pray to (your) god, which is enslaved since his own creation....

I wonder how's the interest from the underground Metal media before release? How did the reviews turn out? How many interviews have you answered and how's the response for " Consuming The Divine " from the media and the fans up to now? How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released?
Well, the release is in two weeks. We got not many reviews so far, but all of them are overwhelming. Seems, that people needed such a album between all that so called Death Metal which is not brutal, harsh or whatever Death Metal has to be. The scene is softened to the core, but there are still enough people who know, what Death Metal and Grindcore really are: a fist into your face and a steel brush on your flesh.  I did two interviews so far, but I guess there will be some more when the album is released. We'll see...

An excellent album that should be heard. If you really consider yourself a metalhead, give this band a try. and how the process of making this new material? whether all members are involved in every writing music?
Nope, not really so far. Most of the songs are composed by myself. Adam brought his great ideas to it and Vincent did his own vocal lines. One song was written by me and Mark from the great Band Spheron and one song is written by Déhà. But in the future all of the guys will be involved in the songwriting process and I am really looking forward to this! That will refresh my style of Death Grind, I am sure about that.

What is the special thing with GOD ENSLAVEMENT? Acherontic Old School DeathGrind? More Darkened Material? Or is it much more? How much material overdubbing and harmonization do you do in the studio? Is layering a necessity for the GOD ENSLAVEMENT formula to work properly?
The special thing is only following: This music comes from the depth of our hearts. What you can here on this album, is what we call Death Grind. Groove, Brutality, Aggression. And of course, Death Metal IS dark. You cannot compose such music if you are not possessed by the devil. How ever you might define your very own devil. We haven't overdubbed or harmonized anything. I played the guitars, then Adam played the drums, Kevin recorded the guitar solos, then Julian the bass and then Vincent did the vocals. So, you can say it was a „normal“ work as most of bands manage the recordings on their albums. For the second album we will work this way, too.

Do You guys are satisfied with the results of Stefano Morabito's work "The Divine Consuming" so far?
Of-fucking-course, we are! Stefano is THE man if you want a brutal production for your songs. Let me say that he brutalized every song with his skills in his 16th Cellar Studios. For Death Metal, he is the right man in my eyes and ears. He brutalized the last Tombthroat album, now the God Enslavement album and he will do the production hopfully of all the next Death Grind albums I will do. In which way ever this may be...

Were you Especially thinking " Drums need someone like Adam Jarvis, Vincent Matthews or I need Julian on Bass for this album?
Yepp, it was something this way. I asked Adam, because he has his very own style without showing off and forgetting about the song he is playing. His style fits perfectly with my style of guitar riffs. Julian showed me his skills on the bass some years ago when he played a show with us in Tombthroat. Tombthroat was 19 years old, but this gig with Julian was one of our very best. So it was nothing more than a law for me to ask him to do the bass for God Enslavement. And Vincent's vocals are so damn aggressive, you can´t find something like this very often out there in the Death Metal Scene. So, yes, I am really happy to have all of the guys in God Enslavement now. It is something like a dream-line-up...

And How long did it take to go from having written the music and having the idea, to acquiring all the members and getting them in studio?

Well, the songs were composed before Tombthroat quit. But from the point I was sure to do the album with a new band, everything has gone very fast. It was  faster than I expected. Adam liked the demos and asked his studio engeneer for a free date. And that was how all the guys worked. Very focused and professional.

Is this will looking forward to the next albums with these guys ?
Yeah, I am pumped to the max for everything that may come. Some of the guys are working on new ideas while I am working on new Maladie stuff. But once the work for Maladie is done for the new album, I will work on new ideas, too. So, we can be able to record the second album soon, haha. But we will give „Consuming the Divine“ the time it needs for sure.

I'm Surprise with worship old school Death-Grind for this album, what Is this already a Trademark for GOD ENSLAVEMENT established itself from the beginning? This is in accordance with what you expected?
Yes, that is what I call „old school“ and „Death Grind“. Nowadays, the name „Old School“ is abused for shitty garage bands with no brutality and knowledge about what they are doing. For me bands like Suffocation, (old) Morbid Angel, (old) Deicide and still Cannibal Corpse and of course Immolation and so on are real Old School Death Metal and bands like Dying Fetus and Misery Index are real Old School Death Grind. And it is hard to find new bands with this old spirit.  Of course you can name styles and music however you want, but for me, it only works this way. With God Enslavement, we play brutal, dark and aggressive music. We play Old School Death Grind.

GOD ENSLAVEMENT is dedicated to the Destruction and Recreation of the current Death Metal Paradigm, and a return the true spirit of the Evolution brought to light by the vision quests of its progenitors. Please tell something about the lyrics and what they deal with? so it will take a pleasure for the listener to be able to digest their meaning. and How With " Consuming The Divine " mean?
Please go to the second question.

and in Arranging songs, whether GOD ENSLAVEMENT pressing to play more Endless heavy, blast filled anger fueled death-grind than Faster ?
Playing fast is good, but it is not everything a song needs. Even a Death Metal song needs a structure and a groove. Many bands out there are playing faster and faster and faster and forget to compose songs. Don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of very good bands out there who can play extremely fast AND play a song. But in this case, people are now going more and more the right way. People get bored by the „I can play faster than you“ shit. But in my world, yes, a good Death metal song must be heavy. If it is fast, too, perfect! If not, it could be a great song for sure.

Where do you think or where do you want GOD ENSLAVEMENT to be 10 years from now?
Well,I am in this scene for 25 years and I learned what it means to be an – let me call it – Extreme Metal musician. All of us have a big experience with this. So, I have no more dreams of beeing a rock star or something like this. But we want to do what our hearts tell us and if people like what we do, it is always great to know that and get response from them. It is still very exciting for us to create new music, record and release it. Thus, this is what we are and what we want to do. Playing our music in our own way, as long as we are able to do it.

Overall, it's time to come to an end now. Hope you enjoyed this interview? Thanks for answering my questions and the time you spend on them. I hope I didn't forget anything? If there's something left to say at the end feel free to use this opportunity now. You can add what you wish, I let you conclude all last word this Interview !
Yeah, thank you very much for your questions and the support with this interview. I always feel honoured if guys like you want to do an interview with me and my band. I guess there is not much left to say but: Thanks and cheers! Support the passion for the extreme and be your own god! Take care and I am looking forward to the next time, mate!



CHECK GOD ENSLAVEMENT " Consuming The Divine " REVIEW LOSTINCHAOS (Click Cover Above)


DANK SLAMS: The Definitive History Of Slam With Uncle Cam

The Definitive History Of Slam 
With Uncle Cam

So, we know this guy. This guy, man, he gets around. Dude is THE connoisseur of all that is brutal, slammin, groovin, gurglin, and chuggin. We'll admit, this guy has some years under his belt, yet he is incredibly young at heart. In fact, the number of years corresponds exactly to the holes on his bullet-adorned belt (upward of 40 – he wears his weight well, though).

Anyway, we invited this guy to give us a REAL history lesson in slam, as dude has been jammin this shit since the late-80s. In fact, dude still lives in the 80s (hence the Stranger Things-inspired Dank Slams feature image!). While your father was still jerking off to his Tiffany and Debbie Gibson collection (Google it), this guy was around, doin his thang – trading tapes with metalheads the world over. Dude also spun pre-slam tunes for a good eighteen years over the air waves on his very own, highly-rated radio show (Chronic Aggression Radio). This guy may be as old your dad – probably even older – but he has never lost his way as it relates to this brutal, beautiful music we all love.

We introduce to you Uncle Cam: The Professor Of Slam. Heed his wise words. Take it away, Cam!

CAM: For a true lesson in brutality, let's take this all the way back to the first time my face was fucked with a growl. We gotta go all the way back to '89 and a little UK compilation called North Atlantic Noise Attack which featured both Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror.

North Atlantic Noise Attack - Manic Ears hardcore compilation 1987

CAM: Those blasts. The gurgles. What first drew me into death metal was that slow, grooving breakdown, followed by the abrupt stop of an insane blast-beating riff, or a thrash-tastic speed metal song then – WHAMMO – right back to slam fucking city! I get those musical goosebumps when that riff begins to crunch with a sweet drum fill before the destruction begins. I've molded my entire life after that feeling. What about that riff in Napalm Death's "Mass Appeal Madness"? This thing has got to be the first slam riff ever (check out the riff at 1:04 in the vid below). Anyway, this shit always goes back to Napalm, for me at least.

Napalm Death - Mass Appeal Madness

CAM: Let's fast-forward a little from the late 80s, and take this thing straight into the early 90s. My bros and I listened to a radio show in Toronto, which I believe was called Aggressive Radio (on 89.5 FM). If I remember correctly, this was the first avenue that opened up our young, impressionable minds to more extreme material, though most of it was relegated to Toronto and area. Less than a one-hour drive from me, we were told a tale of a record shop in Niagara Falls, New York called Cavages. They apparently had a handful of people working there that knew what was up in the world-wide heavy scene – a much larger scene than my noob head could fathom. I can recall like it was yesterday the day my friend Dan and I were heading over there to grab some killer tunes (big-box CD cases were the big thing at the time). He purchased Agnostic Front's Live At CBGB's, Incubus' Beyond The Unknown, and the now-classic Carcass album Symphonies Of Sickness.

CAM: Excited as shit as we headed up to the counter to pay for our killer haul, we became momentarily distracted by a flyer about an upcoming show. Could this be? A local death metal show happening relatively close by? We knew Cannibal Corpse was from the area, along with Malevolent Creation – heavy hitters right in our backyard – but that was all we really knew. As it turns out Goreaphobia and Grotesque Infection were on that fateful flyer. Being huge Relapse Records fans, we had heard of Goreaphobia in passing, but who were these others? I remember losing my shit at the thought of real, undiscovered brutality all within an hours drive!

Gorephobia Morbidious Pathology EP 1990

CAM: We tried to make this show happen, but we just couldn't do it. Mind you, I kept track of that store because I had to witness the cultivating of brutal-in-my-backyard, and these dudes knew what was up. I started my venture into the local scene and it all started coming up Milhouse for me. It was around this time that Home Of The Hits was introduced to us, straight outta Buffalo. This was the underground shop of all underground shops. It was here that we spotted another flyer for another death metal/grindcore show. I went to this goddamn show. I fucking had to! This one also sported the mighty Grotesque Infection, along with Infestation and Obscurity, who absolutely kill.

Obscurity - Obscurity Demo 1992

CAM: Being seventeen and hanging out with these massive, larger-than-life American death metal dudes, I was, of course, a little intimidated, but that didn't stop me from grinding my face off. Infestation were an old-school styled death metal band with thrashy moments – which I totally dug – but this Grotesque Infection? WTF. Mutherfukin WOW!

Grotesque Infection - Rotted To The Cross

CAM: This was it! This was absolutely unreal. The usual blast beats were there in spades, but this slamming groove? This was the shit. This was what I was looking for. I needed more of these breakdowns in my death metal – super-crunch guitar that chugged heavier than the donely load currently festering in your mom's arse – all with a slight double-kick flying into this mountainous groove that sent chills right through my gore-drenched heart… gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Grotesque Infection - Festering Wounds Demo 1991

CAM: The underground was my family. I dived head first into tape trading, fanzine writing, bands and so on and so forth. The underground was a wonderful place at that time. People wrote to each other sending many tapes, discs, vinyl and sharing the love for all things not found anywhere else. But I needed more of that slamming groove. I found it. I had found the birth of what we all know today as "Slam". It was right there, in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY, where they took that Suffocation breakdown to realms it had never dared to venture before. This included Baphomet and their The Dead Shall Inherit release from '92

Baphomet - The dead shall inherit 1992

CAM: If this weren't enough, there was the unfuckingbelievably crushing sounds of Rochester, NY's Disgorged (who later changed their name to Withered Earth, and re-released their Thy Hideous Wake EP from '93).

Disgorged - Master of the Larvae

CAM: In a similar vein as Digorged came Ritual Torment from down the road in New Jersey. I had the good fortune of catching these guys live back in the day, and still have the video from that show. I remember being crushed under the weight of sound emanating from the stage. Let's take this one back to their '91 demo,

Ritual Torment - Demo 1991

In last week's installment of Dank, we introduced you to a very special guest columnist by the name of Uncle Cam, who went on to prove why he is the Professor of Slam. Dude has been around a long time. In fact, he was destroying pits/groovin to REAL earthquake-inducing breakdowns before most of you were a glistening little deathcore kid at the end of your dad's festering phallus.

Anyway, Unkie Cam had a lot to say last week, so we invited him back to lead a second semester of slams at Dank High.

The curriculum this time around will focus on the mid '90s through to the present, with titans as diverse as Skinless, Devourment, and Dying Fetus. Uncle Cam also delves right back into the underground, and digs out some gems from Buried Beneath, Lesch/Nyhan, Mangled, Coffin Rot, Damonacy, Catalepsy (no, we spelled it right… read on to find out), among others.

Anyway, recess is over you sick little fuks! Get your History Of Slam book out, sit your ass down, and pay attention to the brutality that is about to unfold. Take it away, Cam

CAM: So, let's start today's proceedings with the mighty Exhumed, who are – and always have been – my band for insane breakdowns. That being said, before the Relapse years (pre-2005) is an entirely different ballgame. Listen to the first minute of their amazing 7" Excreting Innards that dates all the way back to '92.

Exhumed - Festering Sphinctral Malignancy

CAM: Another killer outfit based out of Rochester, NY was Buried Beneath. They had the satanic imagery but – holy muthrfuk – their tunes meant so much more to me then that. Check it.

Buried Beneath - Creed Of The Unholy Spirit 1992 demo#1

CAM: What really got me was this little grinding death metal band from Pennsylvania called Lesch/Nyhan. It was through a tape trading friend (Justin the drummer from Grotesque Infection) who did a compilation tape called Grindrot that I found this little gem on. The vocals. The guitars… THOSE BREAKDOWNS! Seriously this was probably my fav album/demo/tape/band for many many years. Of course, I loved some of the big metal bands but, by this point, it was Lesch/Nyhan all day, every day.

Lesch-Nyhan - Organ Discharge

CAM: Slam? What was that? Back in those days, we still just called it death metal or grinding death metal or whatever the fuk. I'll say that the first few Cryptopsy releases had unimaginable breakdowns. Which also lead to incorporating much of the breakdown sound in some bands that I was in at the time, such as Mangled and Coffin Rot.

Mangled - Human Compost Demo 1993

Coffin Rot - Massive Sanguinary Spillage

CAM: We can't forget about New Jersey's Damonacy, who I ended up inviting to play the Niagara's Death fest (Canada) in May 93'.

Damonacy - Therapeutic Morbidity Demo 1992

CAM: Then there was LA's Catalepsy (not to be confused with Russian Slamaniacs Katalepsy).

Catalepsy - Compulsive Beastiality

CAM: These guys were a brutal foursome out of L.A., which I found on the compilation The Heralds Of Obliveon, released in '93 on Roughage Records. Another notable band from the comp was along with DECOMPOSED, who also hailed from California.

Decomposed - Angeles Diabolicos

CAM: So, this went on for many years until me and a friend , Metal Dan, began a radio show for Brock University called Chronic Aggression. Doing this show lead me straight into a whole new era of brutal. A trusted label for me at the time was Repulse Records, who had signed the incredible Imprecation. Such an amazing band, but I felt like something else was needed. It was also around this time ('97-ish) that I started getting promos from Morbid Records, which included Dead, Agathocles, and… Dying Fetus! Who the fuck is this Dying Fetus? The breakdowns found on Killing On Adrenaline were just what Dr. Slam ordered. Was this a new era?

Dying Fetus - Killing On Adrenaline

CAM: Back over at the Brock University Radio Studio, we scoured through their music library in an ongoing effort to find some killer hidden treasures. We came across a band called Rotting, straight from our very own backyard in Newmarket, Ontario. Over the following years, we became good friends with the guys, and they were later signed to a label called United Guttural Records.

Rotting - Crushed

CAM: Speaking of United Guttural Records, it was around '99 that I first acquired the internet, which allowed me to research what this label was all about. It was here where I was introduced to the likes of Devourment, Skinless, Ton, and Malignancy – all at the same time! Now THIS was a label I could get into! The next time I was able to hang with Rotting vocalist, Korey, he handed me Deaden's Hymns Of The Sick and Skinless' Progression Towards Evil. Man, that Skinless! This thing contained breakdowns beyond breakdowns, and was an album that didn't leave my CD player for many years.

Skinless - Scum Cookie

CAM: Then there was Devourment's debut album Molesting The Decapitated, which dropped in '99. Perfection. The vocals were some of the sickest sounds ever heard up to that point. How 'bout that pinging drum, or that first crushing slam riff in the opening track "Festering Vomitous Mass"?

Devourment - Festering Vomitous Mass

CAM: It was around this time that I began seeing the descriptor of 'Slam' used more and more, particularly with bands such as Eternal Suffering, Dehumanized, Prophecy, and, of course Dying Fetus. Along with the mighty DF, many of these bands are what I suppose you could call the catalyst for what would eventually become the sub-genre of slam. If this is where things were heading, then count-me-the-fuck-in! So, after about ten years or so of wondering what to call this style of brutal-as-fuck music, it turns out that what I was, in fact, an official Slamophiliac!

Eternal Suffering - Drowning In Tragedy

CAM: I'm gonna stop here, as I'm pretty sure that most of you know the rest of the story. I suppose the larger narrative to this piece was that there was a time, long ago, where brutal death metal aficionados had no clue what we were really looking for, as t here existed no rule book for this music. There was no tag applied to this music that we loved. It took hard work, and lots of research, to satisfy our lust for all things more-brutal-than-brutal. I obviously try to keep up with today's BSDM/slam, but I'm starting to get the feeling that too many bands try too hard in their quest for the ultimate breakdown – everyone trying to out slam one another. By doing so, it starts to lose feeling – what it is that made this music so special to begin with. Finding that ultimate breakdown/slam is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but when you do come across it, man, it's like a hammer to the fucking cranium!

In the end, I don't profess to know everything that's going on – there is just way too much. I'm just a guy that was around when this shit was birthed from the feculent, deliciously rotting orifice of brutal death metal. To this day, I remain great friends with many of the bands mentioned. But, most importantly, this little romp back in time has allowed me to express how much of an impact these trailblazing bands had on me. This stuff – this time – defined who I am today. Sure, Ozzy and Maiden blew my mind as a youngster, but death metal is – and will always be – the most influential style of music to ever grace our shitty existence.

Now, slam on and be awesome everyone… and never forget the roots of this music we all love so much! It's important.

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Long Island, New York - From the ashes of The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon rises HEISENBERG. picking up right where they left off, the ex members continue their assault of silly samples and death slams with a new breath of vocals! mengambil sebuah nama band dari tokoh protagonis samaran Walter White yang mengadopsinya dalam serial TV " Breaking Bad ", dari sebuah kisah fisikawan Jerman Werner Heisenberg. memulai geliat eksistensinya pada tahun 2011 oleh gitaris Brandon Moran (ex-Burn Them All, ex-The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon), kemudian bassis Thomas, Vocalis Jay Brooks dan Drummer Tim Schmidt (ex-Praeter Morte, ex-The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon), tidak lama berada posisinya, tahun 2012, Bassis Thomas mengundurkan diri dan tergantikan oleh Billy Haiduk (Splattered Entrails, ex-Ellery Park) disusul kemudian tahun 2013 Vocalis Jay cabut dan digantikan oleh Paul McGrath,(ex-Two Shells Left) nah dengan formasi inilah, Heisenberg berhasil memuntahkan Debut EP Independen perdana " Heisenberg " yang digarap di Full Force Studio, Long Island, New York bareng Enjiner Joseph Cincotta, atau yang lebih dikenal sebagai Joe Cincotta (Catastrophic, Criminal Element). menyuguhkan 8 track hampir berdurasi 19 menit kejutan khas NYDM pengusung mereka sebelumnya, Internal Bleeding & Pyrexia. " GOOD OL' FASHION LONG ISLAND DEATHSLAM !!! ". menunggu jeda yang lumayan melelahkan, akhirnya, 20 Januari 2017 menjadi akhir penantian mereka kembali melepaskan debut EP Ke-2 " The Empire Business "via Amputated Vein Records, dengan materi yang semakin menjanjikan lagi, Heisenberg menggunakan jasa pemukul drum populer Kevin Talley untuk meramu Fill Drum kit nya setelah Heisenberg terpukau dengan Skill Kevin masih di " Killing on Adrenalin " Dying Fetus. selain masih menggandeng Joe Cincotta, kali ini berada dibalik urusan Enjiner Bassis karismatik Derek Boyer (Deprecated, Suffocation, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Deeds of Flesh, ex-Disgorge, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Vital Remains), teman-teman setongkrongan yang banyak mensupport gerakan utuh NYDM. a Straight up Death Metal vibe to their Slam which is quite Refreshing as most Slam is usually BDM based. The vocals are harsh and growled and pack a serious punch

HEINSENBERG Official Information


Rabu, 03 Agustus 2016

HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT - The Apocalypse Of Hate CD 2016

Human Enslavement - The Apocalypse Of Hate
Lord Of The Sick Recordings CD 2016

01 Symbiotic Neurogenesis 04:25
02 Beating Heart Cadavar 03:42
03 New World Prison 03:53
04 Tears Of Blood 04:30
05 The Structure Of Mankind 03:42
06 Bitter Ad Nauseum 04:37
07 Degenerate Extinction 03:43
08 Creatures Of Misconception 04:04
09 Violent Liturgy 03:43
10 The Writhing Sick 03:19
11 Subjected To A Beating (Dying Fetus Cover) 04:54
12 Mechanism Of Slavery 01:15

Dima - Vocals
Jim - Guitar
Dani - Drums
Michael - Bass

Rising from 3 parts (U.S.A, Germany & Russia) of the World comes the sick International Death Metal band: HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT !, and Has Born as NYDM Cursing Fatality. Proyek keroyokan 3 negara berbeda yang siap memberi Kesegaran buat kalian Fans DM dengan Tempo-tempo Ajib Especially sekali untuk fans fanatik Dying Fetus ! Yepz, Khabarnya band yang merupakan Reinkarnasi dari Proyek Band bermarkas di Greece, Human Rejection menyisakan 3 member-nya Alex, Dani & Jim sedang mengerjakan materi Album baru dan telah menyelesaikan proses rekaman, Vocalis Alex memutuskan untuk meninggalkan Band ketika proses Tracking Vocal-nya belum terselesaikan, beruntung ketika Vocalis Band BDM asal Russia, Dima-nya Fetal Decay kebagian mengisi Track, dan kemudian bergabung Bassis Mike Poggione (ex-Capharnaum, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, Monstrosity, Vile) belakangan ikut mengisi Track Bass, well meski tidak bertemu secara langsung akhirnya, proyek album baru Human Rejection selesai, namun karena Adanya perubahan keinginan atas pergantian formasi ini, Akhirnya mereka sepakat menggunakan nama baru sebagai HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT (HE) ! The result is a band that sounds much better than your Average Metal outfit, with a Perfect line-up and the Cataylst for a Strong debut album. meski bagi kita penikmat berat DF, tidak ada yang baru untuk full album proyek pertama di " The Apocalypse Of Hate ", Karena HE akan melanjutkan Kegembiraan yang tetap mereka luapkan dalam Genre DM Ajojing in The Vein Dying Fetus banget ! salah satu Konseptual DM yang paling bikin Gw solid serta Diehard menyukai-nya, konsep NYDM keren ini sudah tidak begitu banyak yang melirik-nya karena tingkat kesulitan tinggi ketimbang memainkan Komposisi super cepat aja. sebagaimana Gw ketahui jika Style DM seperti ini membutuhkan pemahaman Emosional tinggi ketika merangkai harmonisasi menjadi Aransemen yang mampu memprovokasi pendengarnya larut didalamnya. dan cukup Gw menyebutkan nama " Dying Fetus ", so pasti semuanya akan begitu paham bagaimana karakteristik Musikal HE di " The Apocalypse Of Hate ", let's Go Slam and Headbang Act ! Horrific combination of Lavatory Gurgled vocals, which I Generally associate with lower-end Brutal/Slam DM, and hyper fits of Incredibly riffing that constantly Engage and entertain the ear even if there is nothing Incredibly unique or novel about them ! tanpa basa basi, HE langsung memecahkan Moshpit dengan track pertama " Symbiotic Neurogenesis " yang dari sini sudah sangat tercium kental aroma kuat In The Vein DF, Mulai dari Deep Gurgling Inhale serta Middle Growling Vocal, kemudian debut tajam Riff Breadown serta Groovy Tempo padat langsung mengobati kerinduan Gw dengan materi-materi awal DF yang saat ini menurut Gw tampil lebih ngebut lagi ketimbang mengumbar Ketukan Ajaib yang bikin hipnotis headbanging itu, yah bisa jadi kalau kehadiran HE akan sedikit banyak menggantikan kerinduan itu. Total Experiments with Cadence and Beats to the Simple also Chugging riffs Everywhere. memang tidak menuntut banyak skill, bagi HE bagaimana tetap menjatuhkan perangkap Hipnotis serba Ajib lewat kerjasama bagus untuk usaha maksimal. rasanya seperti mendengarkan kembali 3 Album awal DF dari " Killing ..., Destroy hingga Stop At Nothing ", selain itu Mainframe musikal yang tak bisa terpisahkan dari sang pendahulu seperti Internal Bleeding dan Pyrexia adalah dasar konsep hakiki. " Beating Heart Cadavar " tiada henti menyiksa perlahan dan kemudian tiba-tiba serasa memenggal Organ tubuh dengan Smashing Surprise tempo Catchy ! pemilihan sound yang masih menjadi tidak terpisahkan dari karakter utama DF semakin menyudutkan anggapan banyak kalangan jika HE hanyalah Kloning kuat Nama beken DF, menjadi sebuah Beban yang berat ketika persepsi publik sudah terbentuk seperti ini, namun terpenting bagi Gw, HE berhasil mempresentasikan kembali Style DF yang mulai ditinggalkan oleh band sendiri. Mendengarkan Karakter vokal Dima rasanya lagi mendengarkan lagi Keharmonisan Jason Netherton dan John Gallagher kala masih bersanding Mesra. " New World Prison " track dengan Kombinasi mematikan beberapa part Aduhay banget penentuan menarik setiap Lick & Bar. dan yang sangat menarik, Debut album perdana ini memuat Total 12 Track yang 666% Gw jamin akan selalu bikin pendengarnya Tetap bergoyang terus tanpa berhenti menikmati setiap Progres Aransemen-nya. The one thing I was Really missing from the formula here is Effective lead-work. Some atmospheric, zipping melodies and Breakdown rules woven above the busied Lattice of rhythm guitar would really have put this over the Edge ... Considering the Obvious skill of this Guitarist, I was Shocked at their Absence. On the other hand, the drums and bass are Fantastic, the latter getting to Strut itself once in awhile with a noted fill. Meski sama sekali tidak ada yang baru disini, Gw tetep acungi Jempol tinggi untuk kerja keras-nya mempersembahkan Struktur Musikal yang sama sekali tidak membosankan tanpa terjebak dalam stigma Statis. its near-Relentless Pounding, Technically-proficient Part, frenetic Breakdown pacing that just goes over the Edge so often it’s Insane and the Demented, Gurgle growling vocals Meshing Perfectly to end the Beating on a high-note

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SKINLESS : Skull-Crushingly Heavy Grooves NYDM

SKINLESS : Skull-Crushingly Heavy Grooves NYDM

The beast called SKINLESS was brought forth in 1992 by guitarist Noah Carpenter with one goal: to be the heaviest band around. SKINLESS play brutal death metal with a heavy and catchy groove, influenced by pioneers such as Obituary, Suffocation, Broken Hope, Deicide, and Cannibal Corpse. After a variety of personnel changes and the release of two demos, SKINLESS established a solid, dedicated lineup in 1997: Noah Carpenter on guitar, Sherwood Webber on vocals, bassist Joe Keyser, and Bob Beaulac on drums. This version of the band would later become known as the band’s classic lineup.

In 1998, SKINLESS released their full-length debut Progression Towards Evil, which stunned the underground, showcasing the energy that the band had become known for via its intense live performances. An independent release, Progression Towards Evil received frenzied acclaim the world over and saw remarkable sales. A deal with Relapse Records ensued and three more bludgeoning platters of death metal were served up between 2001 and 2006: Foreshadowing Our Demise, From Sacrifice To Survival, and Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead.

Despite a few lineup changes during that period the band remained as brutal and busy as ever. SKINLESS toured the globe extensively in support of these offerings and gathered a growing horde of metal miscreants. Besides their recorded output, SKINLESS have also had the pleasure of defiling stages around the Earth with Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, Shadows Fall, Exodus, Overkill, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Misery Index, Deicide, Immolation, Origin, Gorguts, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Mortician, Incantation, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Vader, Cattle Decapitation, Brutality, Grave, and many more.

After several years of laying low, SKINLESS returned to action with their classic formation in 2013 and also added a second guitarist, Dave Matthews, into the mix. A fifth full-length album, and the band’s first in eight years, detonated via Relapse in June 2015. With Only The Ruthless Remain, SKINLESS have returned stronger than ever with a prime slab of brutal death. Chock full of their signature, skull-crushingly heavy grooves and technical, blasting severity, Only the Ruthless Remain has already seen widespread positive reception from publications like Decibel, MetalSucks, and Terrorizer, and is sure to be one of the most talked about death metal albums in years. SKINLESS are back, and they’re as ready to flay you alive as they’ve ever been!


Noah Carpenter - Guitars
Sherwood Webber - Vocals
Joe Keyser - Bass    
Bob Beaulac - Drums   
Dave Matthews - Guitars

TOTAL DESPAIR - While The Flesh Decays 2013

Total Despair - While The Flesh Decays
Rebirth the Metal Productions CD 2013

01 Breakfast By Human Flesh 04:11    
02 Mental Infection 03:41    
03 Sacrifice 03:25    
04 Inside The Abyss Of Human Souls 03:09    
05 New Religion 02:07    
06 Disgusting Embodiment 02:54    
07 Self-Disfigured 03:11    
08 Gorgeous Butcher 03:15

Alexander Schupletsov - Bass
Alexander Pavlovich - Guitars
Igor Kochetkov - Vocals

Sepertinya nama Total Despair ini bisa menjadi pertimbangan tersendiri untuk konsep Brutal Death Metal yang menarik saat ini Coy ! perpaduan antara Gaya bermain Cannibal Corpse era " Tomb Of The Mutilated ", Deicide, Suffocation, Dying Fetus Hingga Monstrosity era " Imperial Doom " yang dikombinasikan lagi dengan karakter Modern telah menciptakan komposisi Racikan Gaya Modern Death Metal brutal yang ciamik ditawarkan oleh Trio band asal Penza, Russia, meskipun baru terbentuk tahun 2010 lalu, skill member band ini patut diwaspadai untuk dapat menciptakan karakter musik Metal yang Fresh ! meski Tidak memiliki Drummer manusia, namun maksimalitas sounding Drum masih terasa sangat begitu manusiawi untuk menjadi Amunisi keren mereka ! apalagi lirik2 Nge-Gore sadis masih menjadi Imej Sadis untuk konsep musik yang mereka mainkan. Track " Breakfast By Human Flesh " mencabik perdana setelah dimulai dengan sebuah Intro, sebuah sentuhan progresi Musik awal yang menjadi Foreplay sebelum menyantap Hidangan utamanya. dan kemudian barulah kita rasakan hentakan Yang mengingatkan dengan sayatan Cannibal Corpse konsep kental, Raungan Style Grunted Growl yang kadang Terdengar Gaya Pig Snoring-nya dari Vocalis Igor Kochetkov rasanya cukup mantap menemani Riffing sadis Alexander Pavlovich yang cukup piawai mengaransemen Riffing dasyat ! dengan partisi Riffing yang sinkron banget pada setiap perpindahan Refrain dan Chorus, memang terdengar Variatif tapi pembawaannya simple dan Matching hampir disetiap sentuhannya. Good work making Riffing Concept ! They could do a whole concept album of songs about people dying inside due to boredom and ennui. Ironically, that would be way more interesting than every song being about a sadist describing his nightly activities. There's so much that can be done with the horror genre, and yet song-in, song-out, it's all about entrails and graves and bodily waste. Yeah, I get it, you shit down the throat of a dead teenager before copulating with said throat. It was darkly funny the first time, now it's just annoying. Actually, does all this even matter? Because you can't understand a damn Alexander Pavlovich is Conception here. kemudian " Mental Infection " menjadi sajian berikutnya semakin menampilkan komposisi musik yang cool as fuck banget ! beberapa kali sentuhan slam Groovy keren dimainkan dengan lancar diantara fast Part intense-nya. dan berangkat dari 2 lagu awal saja gw sudah berani menyimpulkan potensi bermain bagus Total Despair ! is talked about amongst metalheads and some non metalheads. There is a very good reason for this, it is amazing. Extremely heavy opening riff that sounds as if you are actually about to have your face smashed by a hammer. Very few songs can bring up a feeling of death but this is one of those songs. The chorus is surprisingly catchy and has some awesome thrashing going on here. atau mungkin saja lebih mudahnya gw mengatakan konsep musik yang dimainkan sangat mengingatkan dengan karakter bermainnya Soils Of Fate Banget ! Khususnya era " Crime Syndicate " itu. hmmmmm ...... dan " New Religion " lebih coba mengingatkan gw akan Dying Fetus era " Stop At Nothing " banget sentuhannya. dimana pada track ini gaya Vokal-nya lebih variatif memasukkan gaya emosional ala Jason Netherton-nya Misery Index. They are ridiculously guttural and mostly indecipherable. You get a few words out of there occasionally but hey, that’s what lyric sheets are for. The bass performance is flawless. Follows the insane riffs but manages to stand out at all times. " Disgusting Embodiment " lebih mencoba lagi gaya Teknikal in the Vein Death era " Sound of ... " wuihhh kian keren aja deh komposisi yang Total Despair tawarkan disini. terlebih lagi " Self-Disfigured ", dasyat dan luar biasa menghajar berikutnya. sepertinya 8 lagu berdurasi sekitar 25:53 ini siap membuat Imej Baru band2 berpotensial dimasa mendatang, so Gw rekomendasikan buat Kalian Fans Death Metal Variatif dengan gaya bermain keren jauh dari kesan membosankan ! sebuah karya perdana yang siap juga mengguncangkan Death Metal Movement ditahun 2013.  In a sense, “While The Flesh Decays” could be seen as an essential listen from both a historical and stylistic standpoint, but as an overall listen it really comes up short in comparison to a lot of other albums put out at the time in this style, and also compared to later works out of this band’s own creative well of decrepit corpse fodder. BUY OR KILLED !!!

It looks like the name of Total Despair can be a separate consideration to the concept of Brutal Death Metal Coy interesting today! blend between style play era Cannibal Corpse "Tomb Of The Mutilated", Deicide, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Monstrosity Until the era of "Imperial Doom" combined again to create a composite character has Racikan Modern Style Modern Death Metal brutality of the good offered by Trio band from Penza , Russia, although newly formed in 2010, this skill should be wary of the band members to be able to create characters that Fresh Metal music! despite not having human drummer, but maksimalitas sounding drum so it still feels very human to be cool Ammunition them! Nge-Gore lirik2 especially sadistic Sadistic The image is still a concept for the music they play. Track "Breakfast By Human Flesh" premiere after tearing begins with an intro, a touch of early music progression into foreplay before eating the main course. and then allows us to feel the beat That reminds incision Cannibal Corpse thick concept, Roar Growl Style grunted sometimes sounds Snoring Pig his style of vocalist Igor Kochetkov feels solid enough to accompany Alexander Pavlovich sadistic riffing is pretty good at arranging riffing terrible! to partition the synchronous really riffing on every shift Refrain and Chorus, but it sounds Variatif simple demeanor and Matching almost every touch. Good work making riffing Concept! They could do a whole concept album of songs about people dying inside due to boredom and ennui. Ironically, that would be way more interesting than every song being about a sadist describing his nightly activities. There's so much that can be done with the horror genre, and yet-in song, song-out, it's all about the entrails and graves and bodily waste. Yeah, I get it, you shit down the throat of a dead teenager before copulating with said throat. It was Darkly funny the first time, now it's just annoying. Actually, does all this even matter? Because you can not understand a damn Conception Alexander Pavlovich is here. then "Mental Infection" into the next dish featuring musical compositions really cool as fuck! several times a touch of cool Groovy slam played smoothly between intense Part of his fast. and depart from the beginning only 2 songs i have the potential to play good dare to conclude Total Despair! is talked about amongst some metalheads and non-metalheads. There is a very good reason for this, it is amazing. Extremely heavy opening riff that sounds as if you are actually about to have your face smashed by a hammer. Very few songs can bring up a feeling of death but this is one of those songs. The chorus is surprisingly catchy and has some awesome thrashing going on here. or it may be more easily gw said the concept is very reminiscent of the music played by the character playing Soils Of Fate Banget! Especially the era of "Crime Syndicate" it. hmmmmm ...... and "New Religion" will be trying to remind gw era Dying Fetus "Stop At Nothing" really touch. where on the track of his vocal styles incorporate more varied emotional style ala Jason Netherton his Misery Index. They are ridiculously guttural and mostly indecipherable. You get a few words out of there occasionally but hey, that's what lyric sheets are for. The bass performance is flawless. Follows the insane riffs but manages to stand out at all times. "Disgusting Embodiment" style over another try in the Vein Technical Death era "Sound of ..." wuihhh increasingly cool aja deh composition Total Despair offer here. moreover, "Self-Disfigured", terrible and unbelievable next beat. 8 songs seem to be about 25:53 The image is ready to make New band2 potential future, so Gw guys recommend for Death Metal Fans Variatif cool play style far from boring! a pioneering work that is ready to shake also Death Metal Movement in 2013. In a sense, "While The Flesh decays" could be seen as an essential listen from both a historical and stylistic standpoint, but as an overall listen it really comes up short in comparison to a lot of other albums put out at the time in this style, and also Compared to later works out of this band's own creative well of decrepit corpse fodder. BUY OR KILLED!!!

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SKINLESS - Flamethrower CLIP

SKINLESS - Flamethrower CLIP



DYING FETUS - Shepherd's Commandment CLIP

DYING FETUS - Shepherd's Commandment CLIP

DYING FETUS - Your Treachery Will Die With You CLIP

DYING FETUS - Your Treachery Will Die With You CLIP